Saturday, April 11, 2015

Arivaca By John Poulsen

This book... where to begin with this book...
To start out, I received this via Netgalley in return for an honest review. I give this book a solid 3 stars. It was perhaps the hardest book I have read this year. So many mixed feelings because while I did like it, I really disliked it. The plot is basically this: 18 year old Jesse is an orphan living with his aunt, and is caught committing a crime. He is sentenced to spend his time in a correctional-like facility for teens. It is a ranch in the Arizona desert.  He learns that it was no accident he is there. Higher powers have destined him to be the protector of ancient relics from Jerusalem. Of course, there wouldn't be a story without evil peoples after the very same relics that Jesse is to protect. 

I do love YA novels and this book sounded so promising for a great read. The biggest issue I had was that the writing was so elementary. So basic. So boring. So corny. Jesse, although 18 years old acts like a pissed off 13 year old for most of the time. I had a hard time figuring out why he was so immature and angry. The reading for the first 40% of the book was extremely slow and I just had a hard time getting into it. The character dialog was just bad. 

The overall story though was interesting to me. Ancient relics, evil & good. There is a bit of a love story worked into it, but it was so painfully awkward to read. 

The ending felt rushed and just illogical. Things just didn't make sense to me. 

Perhaps this will be a great book for middle schoolers to read. For me it just didn't quite do it. I am not sure if I would continue on with the series. But if it sounds like something you would like then you can get it here on Amazon. 

Happy Reading! 


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