Monday, August 24, 2015

P.J. Parrish's "She's Not There"

Spur of the moment Netgalley request!  "She's Not There" is a whirl wind, emotional ride! Fear, confusion, anger, and sadness are all included in this book by P.J. Parrish. "P.J. Parrish" is actually a pseudonym for two sisters, Kristy Montee and Kelly Nichols, who write books and short stories together. This is a fact I didn't know until after I read the book. That being said, the writing is seamless. I had no idea this book was co-authored because the writing style was perfect. After researching the duo I saw they are critically acclaimed writers with many awards. I plan on reading more stories from these two!

This story revolves around Amelia Tobias who wakes up in a hospital room, battered and bruised, with no memory of who she is or how she got there. Slowly piecing together the slivers of memories she is slowly recalling, she realizes the accident wasn't actually an  accident and that she is in danger. She races from the hospital on a run for her life, but has no idea where to go or who she is running from.

This story is also told, at times, from the point of view of her husband, along with a private investigator named Clay Buchanan (hired by her husband to find her). All three main characters go through a roller coaster of emotions through out the book. Although Amelia is the only one with memory loss, the other two character also have to dissect parts of their past to figure out "what went wrong" and how to get their lives back on track. Surprisingly, the history of the latter two characters don't distract from the main story, which I liked. 

The beginning of the book hooked me, while the middle left me rolling my eyes. Things just go to good and fall into place for Amelia. I wanted her to struggle just a bit more so the story could feel more realistic. I found it hard to root for her sometimes because of the mere fact that she got lucky and things worked out for her just too often. 

The end of the book was a mess of confusion for me. The explanation of how the accident happened, who was involved, and why it all happened just didn't make sense to me. I needed more explanation for it to even be plausible in my mind. I wanted the author(s) to explain more to me. The very end was satisfying, yet also seemed  to be left open for another book? Everything but one little detail comes to a close. That detail is brought up at the very end and made me wonder "will there be another book?". If so I will definitely read it!

This was a fun, easy read. I have been sick the last week (still sick today even) and on antibiotics, steroids and pain meds, so I could follow along even though I wasn't "clear headed". I honestly enjoyed the book even though it was predictable at times and I yearned for more details at other times. It was a book that I wanted to dive into when I opened it, but wasn't a book itching to read and constantly thinking about when it was closed and sitting on my table. A solid 4 stars!

Thanks to Netgalley and Amazon Publishing for allowing me the egalley to read and review! 

Happy Reading! 

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