Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A. R. Torre's "Do Not Disturb"

I feel like I should premise this review with: I LOVED The Girl In 6E , which is the first book in this series. I gave it a 5 star review. It was so original and such a thrill to read. It was everything I expected it to be- what I had hoped from 50 Shades of Grey but didn't get, plus with murder instead of romance. But A.R. Torre's latest release, Do Not Disturb I just couldn't get into and by the time I did start enjoying it, the excitement  sizzled out fast.

I suggest starting at the beginning, so if you haven't read Torre's first book in The Madden Girl series definitely start there. 

When we last read about Deanna, we learned that she was not responsible for killing her family. She was not the murderous serial killer with rendezvous thoughts of blood and murder she was destined to repeat again in the future. She had locked herself in her apartment, not leaving for 3 years, and making her living being a "cam girl" for a triple x website while ordering everything from toilet paper to food online and having it delivered by UPS. She had finally left the confines of her apartment to save a little girl from a web client who was indeed a real killer. With the help of her UPS man, Jeremy, she had saved the day and possibly started a crush between her and her delivery man.

Now in this book we see that she does leave the apartment to go out on dates with Jeremy. She is able to crack her window and breathe in fresh air while gazing out at the city's lights below without thinking of killing everyone in her site. She realizes she needs freedom. She yearns for it. 

I was questioning how Torre was going to expand on Deanna. How she would take it a step up and make this book as good as the last. Turns out everything exciting about Deanna happened in the first book. It was hard to wrap my head around the fact that Deanna still had thoughts to kill, even though both she and the reader know she wasn't the one responsible for killing her family. The notion of her thirst for blood was just too far fetched for me after reading the first book. It was almost like everything that happened in the previous book was forgotten by all characters in Do Not Disturb.  

The big story in this book, once again, is discovered during one of Deanna's camming sessions. She upsets a client, who just got released from prison on rape charges, and it pisses him off so bad that he decides to hunt her down. Little does this rich prick with no respect for women know, but Deanna (or Jessica Reilly as she is known in the online sex world) is a hardcore fighter with thoughts of blood and a love for weapons.

The first half of this book is full of thoughts and feelings that Deanna experiences as she searches for what she wants and needs in her crazy life. It was boring. I almost stopped reading to add this book to the pile of "couldn't finish" books I have. But I pressed on and it did pick up. Deanna's weird love relationship with Jeremy, the UPS delivery guy, was interesting and as stated before, pissed off websex guy is pretty entertaining even though he is all-mighty douche. 

The ending was just... an ending. There is a third book planned (which I will probably read), but nothing was too great about this book. The general plot of the series as a whole is interesting. It is like a true X-rated 50 Shades meets Dexter. I just couldn't get past the fact that this book completely ignored the ending to the previous book and that it was mostly filled with Deanna's thoughts on steps to take to reclaim her life. It was too slow for my liking. 

A 3 star read for me. 

Happy Reading! 

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