Thursday, June 23, 2016

"Halversham" by RS Anthony

Another great read by RS Anothony! If you missed my previous post on another book by this author please click here to read my review of "Pork". Both books were sent to me by the author asking me to read and give my honest review. 

With his mother dead and his father jetting off on yet another business trip, fifteen-year-old Andy Monaghan can't stand the thought of spending summer alone in the city. Instead, he seeks a few weeks of solace in the place his mother loved the most: the rural town of Halversham where his father was raised. 

No sooner does Andy arrive in Halversham than he hears of strange incidents occurring in town, including a few too close for comfort. Before long, Andy is reluctantly reeled into a chain of events that quickly darken the rose-colored glasses he's been wearing for his mother's beloved country getaway. 

Finding out who's responsible for Halversham's many tragedies becomes Andy's main priority. As he reconnects with his father's family and dives deeper into the mysteries surrounding the town, he finds that even his own may not be safe from trouble. Is he willing to risk everything to uncover the truth of Halversham's dark secrets, and protect the people he loves? ~taken from Amazon

I was hooked on this story from the get go. Though I have never been a teenage boy who lost his mother, for some reason the main character just stuck with me. The author did a wonderful job with character description and his emotional inner dialog. I was completely swept up with all the emotions and confusion the main character, Andy, was going through. 

Though the mystery element of the novel is not instantly apparent, the beginning of this story was entertaining to read. I slowly got swept up in the weirdness and simpleness that is the town of Halversham. Meeting the townsfolk and learning about their lives in this town that seems stuck in the past was interesting. Slowly, here and there, little nuggets of mystery and oddness are dropped into the plot. 

The scene descriptions really had me imagining I was in Halversham. Such vivid detail had me lost in the little town and forgetting I was even in the 21st century. Simple life at its best is how I would describe the town and its inhabitants. RS Anthony has a magnificent way of writing.

Once the mystery gets going you will not want to put this book down! Dark secrets and twisted character thoughts and actions will leave you with chills. The ending was completely unexpected!  This is unlike any other book I have read. So dark and disturbing it left my mind swirling.

Add this to your summer reading list now! You do not want to miss this. A 4 star read for me! This title is available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle. Kindle Unlimited subscribers can read this for free!

Once again, thank you to author RS Anthony for allowing me the ebook to read and give my honest opinion. 

Happy Reading!


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