Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Introduction: Why I decided to book blog.

So I am starting a new blog. Just for books. Let's face it- I love books. I usually read at least a book (sometimes 2) a week. Often times when I go to read reviews before starting a new book there is a paragraph or two of what the book is about. It's annoying.  I already read what the book is about in the summary. I read reviews to find out what others thought of the book. Did it make you cry? Did you want to hide under the covers in fear? Was it too long? Too Short? Not enough description? Too much description? I also hate when reviewers compare the book to other books they've read and then write an entire seperate paragraph about the OTHER book. Write a review for the other book on the other book's page. I just look for simple reviews. Did the reader like it? Why or why not? And maybe suggest, VERY simply, other books like this book that readers might enjoy (without the other book review). That's what this blog is for. Simple reviews. Plain and simple. Happy reading!

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