Friday, April 3, 2015

A Spool Of Blue Thread: A Novel by Anne Taylor

It's not the usual type of book I read. I love thrillers, mystery, sci-fi, and dystopian books. I need action and some sort of problem or dilemma to keep me interested... usually. But A Spool of Blue Thread by Anne Taylor was a book I loved. 

It is a book about everyday life. About a family, like any other family really. They are ordinary. They have wonderful family moments together. They have times when they argue and fight and dislike one another. The family in this book are The Whitshanks. There is nothing extraordinary about this family. I think that's why I fell in love with them. They could be anyone's family. Even mine. Red and Abby actually reminded me of my great grandparents at times. 

This book reads like a collection of stories both past and present. Ordinary, everyday life stories. The simplicity of this book is calming, yet makes me smile. It's actually hard for m to explain why I liked it so much. 

I was a bit worried before I started the book. I had read a few comments about how boring it was. About how nothing actually happens in the book. After finishing it I beg to differ. LIFE happens in this book. A family is just trying to get through life the best thy know how and later reflecting back on decisions made and how differently things could have been. I wouldn't label this book a "page-turner" but it kept me interested. Lies, skeletons, secrets, and black sheep of the family keep this story interesting. The characters are so real. I found myself being sucked in and experiencing the triumphs and turmoil like I was a part of the family. 

If you are looking for an easy going book to read on a spring day than this is the book for you. It was my first Anne Taylor novel, but I am definitely adding her other novels to my never ending "to-read" list.   Happy Reading! 

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