Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Trent Reedy's "Burning Nation"

I have to start out with an apology. I won this book in a giveaway by Scholastic on Goodreads. It was supposed to be an ARC. This was around Thanksgiving or Christmas time. Scholastic sent the wrong book and by the time I correctly received this book it had long been released. I messaged Trent Reedy upon recieving the wrong book and he was so helpful in trying to get me Burning Nation so I could read and review it before it came out. So I am sorry this isn't an ARC review, but I am grateful for all of Mr. Reedy's help! 

I first came across the Divided We Fall series from a Goodreads giveaway. I read the summary and was intrigued. I wasn't honestly super stoked about reading the first book (Divided We Fall) but after finishing it I was blown away by how much I enjoyed it and was certainly excited about reading the next in the series.

"Burning Nation" starts off where 'Divided We Fall" left off. Sometimes I am a bit doubtful about second books in series, but this book blew me away. It was over and beyond what I expected!  I am also not usually one for books on war and battles but the author really has a way of writing that didn't leave me confused or want to skim over parts having to do with battle scenes. 

Though the characters are mostly teens, they are complex and not boring or stale in anyway. I loved seeing how each character evolved as new events in the war took place. This book is action packed and fast paced but at the same time slows down at precise times so that characters can reflect on events and readers get the full emotion of what's happening.

This book is an exciting, yet terrifying look at the perhaps not-so-distant future. It's a "futuristic" look at the possibility of another civil war in America. It is a book that makes you wonder where your own loyalties would lie if it came down to choosing between your state or your country. 

While this is labeled as a young adult book there are some gruesome fight scenes. There is frequent foul language and some crude sexual humor. I would say it's a PG-13 book. It wasn't problematic for me and I would have no issues with my almost 14 year old reading it, but I just wanted to let easily offended readers know. 

I am looking forward to reading the next book! Keep up the amazing writing Trent Reedy!

Happy Reading!

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