Saturday, July 18, 2015

David C Riggens' "Boys Of The Fatherless"

David C. Riggins' "Boys Of The Fatherless" is a book that left me wanting more. To start with, this is the author's first book and honestly, while the story is interesting, I felt it was just missing too much.

It seemed like there was so much info crammed into these 90 pages and what was important, what I wanted to know more about, was left out. At times I felt like I was reading a rough draft of a story. I definitely feel that the story is interesting, but just needed more brainstorming, plot analysis, and editing. 

There is not much beyond that to say. The story itself is interesting and I feel like it could absolutely be a great read, but more work needed to be done. A wonderful jump off to a story about coming-of-age, sexuality, and true-to-life experiences. This has all the potential of a good book but was just so-so. 

The ending itself was "to be continued" and I am interested in reading the next short story. This review is not meant to be negative. I do like the book. I just wanted to know more. It seemed to lack the "flow" of a good read. Too choppy and incomplete. 

I give it a solid 3 stars! 
Happy Reading! 

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