Monday, July 11, 2016

"The Vegas Diaries" by Holly Madison

After reading (technically listening to) and loving Holly Madison's first book, Down The Rabbit Hole (you can read my posted review here), I was very excited to read/listen to her latest book The Vegas Diaries. Like her previous audio-book, this one is also narrated by the author, which I love. 

I knew going into it that this was not a sequel to the first. Rather, this book dives into her life while living in Vegas. She starts out by telling the reader that names have been changed and stories "may have been fabricated". This to me was a bit disappointing. Her first book seemed to be a "tell-all". Why change it up for the second? If you are going to dish, use real names.

While the stories were entertaining, they did indeed seemed a bit fabricated. There is no way she could have remembered every situation with such exquisite details such as what designer labels people were wearing, intricate detail of all the settings, and detailed dialog between characters.  It all felt too scripted, made up and unreal. 

The "plot" seemed to jump around a bit. It left me feeling fragmented. She seemed to veer off into another story while in the midst of the main story. It was choppy and bounced around which left me confused at times. There also didn't seem to be a point to this collection of dating stories or a true ending to this book. I was expecting it to lead up to her meeting her husband and having a child. It didn't, which makes me suspect she has a third book in the works. 

My biggest complaint about this book was how hypocritical the over all message seemed. Throughout the story Madison is constantly telling her friends and the reader that she doesn't want to be defined by who she has dated in the past. She also states how she wants to give possible future boyfriends a chance and not judge them on their past relationships. Yet the entire book was about exactly that. Her dating choices and how past relationships have made her who she is today.

 I look forward to her possible next book on life as a wife and mother. This book just seemed to portray Madison as materialistic and narcissistic. I couldn't pity her or feel for her through most of it. Overall, this was an entertaining summer read (listen) and I do recommend the audio-book since it is read by the author herself. A 3-star read for me!

Happy Reading!

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