Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Liars, Inc by Paula Stokes

So I must start out saying that I do love books in the YA (young adult) category. And I may or may not have picked this book because it had the word "liar" in it. I am very much obsessed with both the book series and the tv series  Pretty Little Liars. I also absolutely adored the book We Were Liars to the point where I wish I could immediately forget the ending and re-read it again. I saw this book come up in my Goodreads feed when an author I follow reviewed it and gave it 5 stars. I clicked and read the summary plot and was intrigued. So I added "Liars, Inc" by Paula Stokes it to my list.

Liars, Inc is a fun, thrilling, cute little love triangle, missing friend turned to friend being murder story. The main character is a 17 year old boy named Max. He is a typical bad-boy surfer. He has only 2 close friends (or really 2 friends at all) one being his girlfriend, the other a boy named Preston. Both of them are rich kids and Max is just a typical, adopted, surfer who hates most parts of his life. Preston goes missing, Max is blamed, and of course Parvati (his GF) helps find the truth behind it all. FBI agents, murder, and lies are what fill this book. 

It is a good mystery/thriller. Nothing special. Nothing mind blowing. Just a fun, easy read. I did greatly appreciate that the author, Paula Stokes, made the fact that the book read like a typical teenage boy. This book is told in first person perspective. I have read a few books written by females that just can't make the male perspective believable. The main character, Max, was very believable as masculine. His perspective on things happening around him were sarcastic and often times made me laugh. I might have had a slight readers crush on him. 

Yes, I did say that this book has a bit of a love triangle in it. Like most books it does deal with relationships. Relationships between family, friends, and romantic. It was NOT over-the-top romantic, though I did feel myself rooting for Max and Parvati to work out their issues. 

The plot was simple enough that I enjoyed getting lost in the twist, turns, lies and mystery. Even though I did figure out the ending before I actually finished, it was still quite an enjoyable read and there were even times I was a bit surprised by the twists and turns the author took. If you like a quick, enjoyable mystery than defiantly check out this book! 

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